On 1st October 1999, the then Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, the Rt. Hon. Chris Smith MP announced a new Government initiative to help give supporters a say in the running of their football clubs.  The result was the formation of Supporters Direct in England and Wales.  After a long campaign by Scottish football fans, Mike Watson MSP, the Minister for Sport in Scotland, announced two-year funding for supporters direct to extend their work north of the border.  This funding started in April 2002.  Their aim is to offer support, advice and information to groups of supporters who wish to play a responsible part in the life of the clubs they support. 

The Kilmarnock Supporters  Society Limited (The Killie Trust) was constituted in May 2003.  The Trust objectives have been discussed and decided upon by the initial group of dedicated committee members and are there to serve the purpose of the club, supporters and local community. 

Throughout the initial processes, the Trust has been assisted by James Proctor of Supporter Direct (Scotland). This is a relationship the Trust is keen to acknowledge and indeed continue for the future, as Supporters Direct (Scotland) have an extensive support network consisting of business leaders and legal officials, as well as being able to link Kilmarnock to other Supporters' Trusts around the country. 

The Trust has been constituted in accordance with guidelines laid down by The Scottish Executive, through Supporters Direct (Scotland).  The Trust has been registered as a Limited company through Cobbetts Solicitors (Manchester), who have acted as lawyers for all constituted Football Trusts in this country and registered them as Industrial and Provident Societies (IPS).

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