2019 Annual General Meeting

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Killie Trust AGM 28 November 2019 
Introductions and start of meeting 
Approval on the minutes of the AGM on 19 January 2019 

  • Proposed and seconded

Treasurer’s Report 

  • Proposed and seconded 
  • Vote of thanks was given to Henry Brown & Co who prepared accounts

Audit Resolution 

  • Accounts to continue to be independently examined rather than audited.  
  • Proposed and seconded

Re-appointment of Auditor / Independent Examiner 

  • Henry Brown & Co should be re-appointed.  
  • Proposed and seconded. 

Rule Update 

  • That Board could update the model rules to reflect new legislation.
  • Proposed and seconded. 

Election Results 

  • Standing Down: Gregor Orr, Julie Black & Elaine Millar 
  • Standing for re-election: Gemma Milligan, Cathy Jamieson & Jim Thomson 
  • Nominations for election: Gordon Gillen. 
  • Elected -  Gemma Milligan, Cathy Jamieson, Jim Thomson & Gordon Gillen 

Trust Chairman’s Report

  1. Phase 2 of the ‘Trust in Killie’ projects completed.  
    • Two safe standing areas installed at Rugby Park. To be paid for in due course.  
    • Proposed wheelchair viewing platform area in the Moffat stand is currently being reviewed by local council planners. Installation delayed to coincide with the Club’s plans to redesign the Moffat Stand area.
    • £40,000 will be ring-fenced for the viewing platform project.  
  1. General Trust funds purchased replacement reserved stickers for season ticket holders’ seats.  
  1. Trust worked with the KCST to involve young supporters in the design of the new Club mascot, jointly funded by the Killie Trust (general fund) and KFCSA. 
  1. Trust will support the Killie Cheerleaders by providing track suits for match days.   


  • Members removed and replaced seat numbers and season ticket reserved stickers throughout the stadium over several days.  Julie Black and Gemma Milligan were thanked for coordinating this.
  • Trust idea to sell old pitch to supporters as fan unique memento’s raised over £20,000  to fund KCST projects in the local community. 
  • Supported ‘Roon the Toon’ event by covering the ‘water station’ at Rugby Park.  
  • Assistance given to Club staff in distributing new season ticket cards 
  • Assistance given relocating season ticket holders to accommodate the rail seating area and to selling subsequent rail seat places. 


  • Second successful Golf Day at Ballochmyle Golf course in May. Next year’s event on Friday 22 May, again at Ballochmyle. 
  • Sold out event at Grand Hall in September to celebrate 150 years of Kilmarnock FC, in partnership with the Club’s Former Players Association. 
  • Trip to Hampden Park to visit the Club’s 150th exhibition, included a stadium tour. 
  •  ‘On Board, In Person’ night in September. Will be quarterly events allowing Trust and KFC Director Cathy Jamieson to update members on current issues affecting the Club. 

Community Engagement  

  • Supported KCST Football Memories (Alzheimer’s) Group with a £300 donation.
  • Organised a collection for the East Ayrshire Foodbank at home game in October.
  • Re-established link between Young Kilmarnock (Killie) and Club. Trust hope to help develop bus travel for families to away games in partnership with them.  
  • Andy Millar represents Trust on ‘Celebrate Kilmarnock’ board (community led approach to Kilmarnock To  town centre regeneration
  • Andy also on Supporters Direct Scotland board (organisation that helped to establish the Trust in 2003 and is working to ensure that supporters voices are heard in the SFA and SPFL.

Goals for 2020 

  • Increase Trust Membership to 700 
  • Increase ‘Trust in Killie’ monthly subscribers to 500 
  • Improve communications via newsletters, social media, website and meetings.  
  • Greater variety of events organised. 
  • Increase community engagement with local groups and organisations.  
  • Launch Volunteer project in partnership with the Club 

Trust in Killie Campaign 
Journey So Far 

PHASE ONE (APR ‘17 – AUG ‘18)  PHASE TWO (SEPT ‘18 – OCT ‘19) 
April ‘17 – 45 subscribers   September ‘18 – 246 subscribers 
August ‘18 – 252 subscribers  October ‘19 - 395 subscribers  
Peaked at 256  Peaked at 412 
£100k raised in 17 months  £86k raised in 14 months 
Trust member on KFC Board  Rail Seating Areas & Wheelchair 
Viewing Platform - FULLY FUNDED 
(awaiting installation) 
Trust gained 100,000 KFC shares 

Comparisons – Campaigns by Scottish Club with supporter representation

Club  Members/ Subscribers  Average Home Attendance  Uptake (%age of avg home attendance signing up) 
(Foundation of Hearts) 
8,000  15,620  51% 
(The Well Society) 
2,800  6,468  43% 
St Mirren 
1,250  6,059  21% 
(Killie Trust membership) 
650  6,202  11% 
(‘Trust in Killie’ - monthly contributions) 
400  6,202  6% 

  Phase Three (November 2019 -              ) 

  • 25% of monthly TiK donations to be used for smaller projects
  • 75% will be used for longer term or larger projects
  • Trust Members to vote on funding projects 

Trust in Killie – Potential projects 
The chairman presented a few possible options and welcomed other suggestions for project of all sizes. 

  • Continue to prioritise ground access projects for all Killie supporters.
  • Work with KCST  o develop a sensory room.
  • Improve facilities for supporters with visually or audio impairment. 
  • Support development of Fan Zone to improve the experience for young supporters.   
  • Improve ‘tired’ stadium facilities for all supporters i.e. toilets and catering outlets. 
  • Develop a business plan to provide youth teams in Ayrshire with specialist training.
  • Goalkeeper coaching and help to build a relationship between the Trust, Club and local teams.  

Club Board Report 
Cathy Jamieson updated on changes around the club in the last 12 months.  

  • the pitch being relaid
  • the new ticketing system 
  • Recruitment of key staff (Head of Football Operations, Club Secretary, additional hospitality and media appointments etc) 
  • Redevelopment of Club owned/run hospitality areas incl. Killie Club. All profits to the club 
  • Future development of Moffat Stand area 
  • Reiterated growing relationship between and all Club departments

CJ welcomed questions.  

  • Killie TV occasional failure to be raised with relevant Club staff

Closure of Meeting
Chair stated that with over 190,000 shares and with a representative on the club board, the Trust has its strongest voice since the club was founded, increasing responsibility to work in partnership with the club and to help solve problems.  
Closed the AGM by thanking Trust members and ‘Trust in Killie’ subscribers for continued support.  

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