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The Killie Trust are holding their Annual General Meeting on 7th December 2015 at the Railway Village on Platform 1 at Kilmarnock Station.

In accordance with the rules of the Trust, a number of the current members of the board must retire or stand down from the Board at the AGM. Retiring members, having served for two years are Barry Richmond, Gerry Stanley, Andy Millar, Peter Telfer, Jackie Stanley and Murray Wilson. All of these members are eligible to stand for re-election.

If you wish to stand for the board of the Kilmarnock Supporters’ Society please complete the enclosed Nomination form.

There are 9 places available to be filled at the AGM. If the number of nominations received is less than 9, those nominated will be automatically elected and no ballot will be required.

As always the Trust Board welcomes and encourages the views of the members on all issues related to the Trust.

7:00 pm for a 7:30pm start

Handy documents:

Notification of AGM | Nomination Form | Proxy Form

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