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Progress in Pounds

The Killie Trust would once again like to thank everyone who has either donated or subscribed to the Trust In Killie initiative and, in the spirit of transparency, we are keen to keep you all up to date on where we currently stand and will try and keep it simple and to the point with a few facts and figures. If there is anything that you would like to know that we have not provided then please don’t hesitate to contact and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. We've taken down the totaliser image as we have reached the initial target with the help of our front funder...massive thanks to them for helping us achieve our aims quicker than anticipated!


'Trust In Killie' Financial update 17 (May 2020)

Dear Killie Trust members and 'Trust In Killie' subscribers,

This financial update marks the third anniversary of our 'Trust In Killie' campaign. In 2017, the first monthly total saw £846 start our initiative and some significant milestones have been passed since. 

An unbelievable £210,000 has been invested in Kilmarnock Football Club during this period, with over £65,000 having gone into our Club since 'lockdown' was imposed.

The Trust Board, sincerely, would like to thank all of our subscribers, particularly during this time of personal financial uncertainty, for their generosity which is genuinely valued by our Club during this very difficult time.

With very best wishes

Jim Thomson



Entry level (£10 per month): 161 subscribers (increase of 10)    

Standard level (£15 per month): 188 subscribers (decrease of 1)

Plus level (£25 per month): 103 subscribers (increase of 3)

Others levels: 7 subscribers (decrease of 3)


MONTHLY TOTAL: £7,120. 99


Total subscribers: 459
 (increase of 9) 

Trust members who are 'Trust In Killie' subscribers: 286 

'Trust In Killie' subscribers who are not Trust members: 147


Current Trust membership: 773


'Trust In Killie' financial update 16 (March 2020)


On behalf of the Trust board, I would like to give you an update on 'Trust In Killie' finances for March 2020. The rise in our membership and response to our 'Trust in Killie campaign' through monthly subscriptions and one-off donations has been incredible during this time of adversity. Every pound of 'Trust In Killie' funds that has come in will be transferred to the Club in an effort to help with their cash flow.

Your support is greatly appreciated by us and our Club.

Very best wishes

Jim Thomson



Entry level (£10 per month): 151 subscribers (increase of 33)    

Standard level (£15 per month): 189 subscribers (increase of 9)

Plus level (£25 per month): 100 subscribers (increase of 17)

Other levels10 subscribers (no change)

One-off donations: 37 (totaling £915)


MONTHLY TOTAL: £7,748.81


Total subscribers: 450
 (increase of 59) 

Trust members who are 'Trust In Killie' subscribers: 281 

'Trust In Killie' subscribers who are not Trust members: 169


Current Trust membership: 762


'Trust In Killie' financial update 15 (Febraury 2020)

Total subscribers - 389
Entry Level (£10 per month) - 118             
Standard (£15 per month) - 178       
Plus (£25 per month) - 83     
Other donation levels - 10     
Monthly total: £5,917.51  
Carried forward: £22,020.14    
TOTAL CURRENT FUNDS: £27,937.65    


Subscriber Total -  395  |  Entry Level - 121  |  Standard - 184  |  Plus - 79  |  Other - 9

Monthly Subscriptions - £6,361  |  Phase Two banked so far - £86,208

In Brief: Since our last financial update, we’ve raised another £20,000 which, by our estimates, will mean that the current total should approximately cover costs for the completion of the rail seating and wheelchair viewing platform projects. A fantastic achievement once again by all of our subscribers. There has been a regular monthly drop off of subscribers recently but that isn’t unusual at this time of year. It’s good to report that a number of people who had previously cancelled their monthly mandates have returned to our campaign and we are working on a strategy to encourage more Killie fans to join this initiative. The Trust Board would like to thank one and all for the valued contributions to our campaign. Every single pound is making a real difference to the Club. Every pound also secures a KFC share, held by the Trust for our members. When the rail seating and wheelchair viewing platform invoices have been received and paid, we will become the Club’s third largest shareholder.

Project Updates: The good news is that the Rail Seating has been delivered to Rugby Park. The Club are currently working with the architects and East Ayrshire Council, from a safety testing perspective, and with the installers to arrange a mutually suitable date to get these areas in place, avoiding the players training times of course. Our fingers are crossed that we’ll all have something to sing about at our home game against Hearts. There’d be a kind of symmetry if that were to happen as our TiK campaign was launched at our home game against Hearts in April 2017. The wheelchair viewing platform plans are currently with council departments and architects who are working together to ensure that all the criteria is met, with the ambition of work beginning in early 2020.

TiK Phase 3: It’s time to turn our attention to projects new. Since the inception of TiK, all of our projects have required long term funding to reach our targets. Whilst we will continue to look at longer term issues, the Trust Board feel it is time to devote a smaller percentage of the monthly total towards funding schemes that can be completed within 2/3 months, allowing subscribers the opportunity to vote more regularly on where they think funding should be targeted. With all of this in mind, we’d like to hear your ideas on what you think ‘Trust in Killie’ should be tackling next (projects large or small) for the benefit of the Club and our supporters. We will also liaise with the various departments of the football club to establish what they believe the priorities to be then we can all make an informed choice via a vote. Please email your ideas/thoughts to

Trust in Killie Monthly Draw Winners (August):
SANDY ARMOUR - Boardroom match day guest of our Trust Director, Cathy Jamieson

Trust in Killie Monthly Draw Winners (September):
PHYLLIS McLEISH - Signed KFC shirt *
RIZWAN AHMED - Oxford Blue T-shirt
*subsequently re-donated into a full Trust member draw and won by SHARON CALDWELL

Trust in Killie Monthly Draw Winners (October):
JOHN McGARRY - Boardroom match day guest of our Trust Director, Cathy Jamieson
BILL McBLANE - Signed KFC ball
JAKE CUNNINGHAM - Oxford Blue T-shirt

Your monthly contribution to our campaign is making a real difference to or Club and we thank you for your continued commitment. Where you can, please encourage other Killie fans to join us in our campaign journey at

The Killie Trust - Bringing our supporters closer to the Club


Subscriber Total -  412  |  Entry Level - 129  |  Standard - 192  |  Plus - 83  |  Other - 8

Monthly Subscriptions - £6,223  |  Phase Two banked so far - £66,022

Our last update, which included the opportunity for Trust members and TiK subscribers to take up a space in the new safe standing area in the East Stand at Rugby Park, saw a real resurgence in subscribers to our campaign. For a variety of reasons, there is a regular monthly drop off of subscribers but we're delighted to report that its always more than balanced by new people signing up to the campaign.

We’ve been informed by the Rail Seating company, Ferco Seating Systems, that our order arrives into Grangemouth on the 24th of September so it’s hoped to get these installed shortly after our home game against Ross County on Saturday 28th September.

The £41k accessible viewing platform proposals allow for 20 users plus their companions. Our architects have prepared a full set of technical drawings and submitted this to East Ayrshire Council for assessment against the technical standards. This assessment is ongoing with a number of questions raised in relation to the Green guide which is more stringent regulations that stadiums require to adhere to. The Architects are currently in the process of addressing these and a building warrant application will be submitted thereafter.

JACK THOMSON - Kilmarnock FC shirt.
STEPHEN GILMOUR - Two tickets for our Betfred Cup tie -v- Hamilton.
DAVID DAVIDSON - Signed Kilmarnock FC ball.
ROBERT DYKES - Oxford Blue T-shirt (kindly donated by our friends at RAINBOW INK; West Langlands Street, Kilmarnock).

Your monthly contribution to our campaign is making a real difference to or Club and we thank you for your continued commitment.


Subscriber Total -  379  |  Entry Level - 105  |  Standard - 187  |  Plus - 79  |  Other - 8

Monthly Subscriptions - £5,837  |  Phase Two banked so far - £52,863

Over £50k in the bank. Another fantastic landmark achieved by those subscribing to our TIK campaign. This sum will eventually be converted into shares in our Club for Trust members, giving us a 250k stake and the 3rd biggest shareholding. As a result of this investment, a new wheelchair platform will be built very soon in the Moffat Stand seeing the welcome demise of the old ‘dugout’ style construction, providing a far better view of the action at Rugby Park.

Looking to the future and the next possible project, we are also in the process of arranging a survey of the facilities at our ground in consultation with CAFE (Centre for Access to Football in Europe) with a view to creating a long term improvement plan to ensure that they Rugby Park is accessible, inclusive and welcoming for all. In addition to the construction of the wheelchair platform, this investment will see Rail Seating/ Safe Standing zones introduced into the East Stand (158 places in Blocks 2 & 3) and into the Moffat Stand (166 places in block 9, Rows K to P). This makes Kilmarnock FC the first provincial club in Scotland to install them.

A lot of our supporters enjoy standing at matches but doing so currently is against ground regulations. The pilot project for these areas will enhance the match day experience and atmosphere whilst providing a safe and legal environment to stand. Season ticket holders currently in the Safe Standing zones have been offered a place there. Subscribers to our TIK campaign are now being offered the opportunity to claim a place in the East Stand on a first come, first served basis. If you have bought a season ticket already and want to relocate, we will fix this. If you’re interested, please email us at heading your email SAFE STANDING. Requests will be accepted from 9am on Friday 14 June. Emails before this will not be considered.

On other issues, the Trust and KFCSA will be funding a new mascot costume with local schools being involved naming our new squirrel. The Trust will also be providing ‘reserved’ seating stickers for season ticket seats. Both these expenditures will come from our general funding account and not from TIK campaign money. Massive thanks once again to all our TIK subscribers for getting us to Phase Two. Once the current bills have been paid, we will start a new funding project. Please start giving some thought on what projects we could tackle next and help get as many Killie fans as possible to subscribe to TIK. Together we DO make a difference.


Subscriber Total -  371 (up 117!)  |  Entry Level - 95  |  Standard - 186  |  Plus - 78  |  Other - 12

Monthly Subscriptions - £5,785  |  Phase Two banked so far - £26,934

The stark realisation, when it looked like we were going to lose Greg Stewart (who?) for financial reasons, that TIK is an essential tax-free revenue stream for the Club, saw a dramatic rise in subscribers. We gained an extra 46% in a matter of days which means without any extra events (which are being planned) we will be handing the Club nearly £70,000 per year for their budget, which of course could free up extra for Steve Clarke’s player plans. Fantastic stuff, we have to keep momentum going and boost the numbers as much as possible so keep spreading the word and let’s get as many fans on board as possible.

The prize draws resumed this month and we have a couple of new Trust Board members, Julie Black and Gemma Milligan, taking control of this as well as launching a recruitment drive. We are trying to standardise the prizes to make the draws less erratic and have something for all subscriber levels. Winner of the Entry Level prize (a personalised ‘Oxford Blue' T-Shirt) this month was Sam McGuire. Winner of the Standard Package prize (a signed ball and two match tickets) was Duncan Davidson. Finally the winner of the +Plus+ Package prize (a signed ’Poppy’ strip plus two cup tickets) was Robin Magee.

The Board was left with three options following talks about where the money from Phase Two should go; a safe standing area, new disabled facilities or just keep stockpiling the money. We think we have come up with a plan to hit at least two of those concurrently! The money we have already is enough to front fund a safe standing section, if we pursue this and then sell sponsorship/naming rights for the new area then we can recoup the outlay and reinvest the money into helping the Club start the long process of upgrading our disabled facilities...essential to meet new legislation and keep our operating license. Planning for both is underway already and as long as we keep going the way we are then, with your continued support, we can work towards hitting Phase Two targets and keep building the revenue stream for the Club.


Subscriber Total -  254  |  Entry Level - 9  |  Standard - 165  |  Plus - 70  |  Other - 10

Monthly Subscriptions - £4,346  |  Phase Two banked so far - £16,680

Front funding facility £38,000  |  Paid Back - £38,000  |  Still Owed - £0

“Ticking over” is probably the best way we can describe things at the moment. With our director in place and the front funder paid off we have been at a bit of a stand still in terms of promotions and updates as we get used to our new position and things are taking off on the park under Steve Clarke. While ‘ticking over’ still puts money in the bank it is time that we started to get things kicked off again and Phase Two well and truly under way. We need to define some tangible targets to aim for with the next lot of money and we have already had a fact finding meeting you were all invited to about ‘rail-seating’ which went down quite well.

The point of rail-seating is to try and generate an ‘away’ atmosphere at Rugby Park, it also appeals to younger fans who we need to get back to the club in numbers. It’s a quick, visible fix which benefits supporters directly and could even be self-funding if we market it properly which would leave TIK funds available for other projects like improving the disabled facilities at Rugby Park...which to be fair will be an on-going process which will take a lot of time and money to do properly. It’s not just something we have to do to comply with new regulations, its something we want to get done as the idea of a waiting list for fans who want to come to our home games is ridiculous in this day and age.

So there are two potential projects we could get involved in, but the final decision will be down to our Trust members and TIK subscribers. We will take your suggestions via email (see above) or contact any Trust Board member until December 31st and then we will organise a vote. Please note that we are not necessarily limited to one project or another here, there is scope to have several targets. It’s also worth mentioning that every penny we spend on behalf of the club, that is funds that they can potentially redirect to the manager’s player budget so all your contributions are going to be a direct boost to Steve Clarke in his efforts as well. Get those ideas in now and we hope you all have a great festive season and a Killie new year!


Subscriber Total -  256  |  Standard - 165  |  Plus - 75  |  Premium - 6   |  Other - 10

Monthly Subscriptions - £4,386  |  Total banked so far - £125,286

Front funding facility £38,000  |  Paid Back - £17,000  |  Still Owed - £21,000

Our initiative has delivered the Trust representative onto the Football Club board and we need your continued financial commitment to complete our first stage, before we can turn our attention to the what the next projects will be for consideration. As you can see from the monthly figures, subscriptions have not grown despite this achievement. We've had a few drop off now that we have smashed the initial £100k target but we have also had a few new sign-ups who now see that this is more than a pipe dream, and the benefits to the club in the long term could be substantial. It is difficult to push things at the moment on the back of our victory as it may seem as if it is ‘job done’ and no new target has been identified as yet; but that is far from the case.

We would ask you to help us in this regard by promoting Trust membership and the importance of TIK contributions whenever you can. Our preferred candidate, Cathy Jamieson, was chosen by the club to join the board, and did so last week. The appointment has been well received with many being impressed by the calibre of Cathy’s extensive CV, and many surprised at her journey as a Killie fan and the fact that she is a lot more than just a former politician. Cathy has the full confidence of the Trust Board to fulfil this vital role and she will pave the way ahead for future elected directors when the time comes.

Going forward, we have quite a few plans that we are ready to put to the club, but we will not really get the opportunity to promote them until Cathy gets the chance to discuss them at a full board meeting. As soon as we have agreement on any of these projects you will be the first to know and hopefully, with the club now fully on board, we can start to build some momentum again and inspire other fans to step up to the plate and join the revival. Killie are back and TIK is here to stay...spread the word!


Subscriber Total -  255  |  Standard - 164  |  Plus - 76  |  Premium - 6   |  Other - 9

Monthly Subscriptions - £6,553  |  Total banked so far - £120,895

Front funding facility £38,000  |  Paid Back - £13,000  |  Still Owed - £25,000

As the season draws to a close, so does interest in football a wee bit so as expected subscription gains this month were marginal at best. Hopefully when our fanbase get to see what we can do when we get involved at board level and what we bring to the party then we can start increasing the numbers again. TIK is not a short term fix, like other clubs with similar schemes we plan to expand and give our club the financial backing it needs from its fans to consolidate what we’ve achieved this year and do even better going forward.

Finishing fifth is a great achievement for everyone involved with the football club and considering how we started out, it has turned out to be a great season. As far as the Trust is concerned it has been a resounding successful year for us as well. The likelihood of us getting a new board, raising £100,000 and getting our own director on that board was as predictable back in July as the team finishing in the top six. Yet here we are just £17,105 shy of that, and our preferred candidate waiting in the wings for the legal process to finish before becoming an active part of the decision making process.

Places are now open to all individuals or teams for the “Killie Masters Invitational” Golf Day at Ballochmyle (details on the website) so get your names in for that now if you are interested. The ‘Oxford Blue’ t-shirts have gone down well but we are still having problems with the online sales page so have been taking orders manually. Hopefully that will be fixed up soon but if you can’t wait meanwhile then email the aforementioned address and we will try and get you sorted out. Don’t forget that 2018-19 Season Tickets are now on sale online and at the club shop and the early bird prices change on May 16th...a bargain at any price to be fair!


Subscriber Total -  256  |  Standard - 164  |  Plus - 75  |  Premium - 6   |  Other - 11

Monthly Subscriptions - £4,386  |  Total banked so far - £114,342

Front funding facility £38,000  |  Paid Back - £8,000  |  Still Owed - £30,000

You will be happy to see we are still making progress on the membership front, and if you take the front funder scenario out of the equation, we are only £23,658 shy of our original £100k target. That figure is currently resting in our lawyer’s account waiting on the football club progressing matters. We have jumped through every hoop presented to us and supplied any information required, so there is not much else we can do at our end to expedite the process.

We have nominated three people as per the club’s request and indicated our preferred candidate, who we feel is a stand out choice to be our first representative on the board. Hopefully the club will agree that our selection ticks all the relevant boxes, and more, and we can finally move on to other projects with our director in situ to help facilitate future plans...and keep the club going from strength to strength.There are a couple of things to watch out for in the coming weeks. The “Killie Masters Invitational”

Golf Day at Ballochmyle will be held on Wednesday 23rd May and more details of that will be published soon. There will be an ex-Killie player in each of the four man teams and all the usual competitions and prizes you’d expect at such an event on the day. Trust members and TIK subscribers will be offered the opportunity to enter themselves or a team before entry is opened up to the public, and at a fantastic price.

The Trust are also producing a new range of t-shirts with our product partners at Rainbow Ink to commemorate next year’s 150th anniversary...plenty of time to get one! Again the details will be published in the near future but we have had samples produced and they are top quality at a very reasonable prices. We hope to sell as many as possible and see loads of different players names and numbers on the you get to choose your favourite, or your least favourite if that floats your boat! Don’t forget every single pound that goes into the TIK initiative will buy us a share in the club and help build for the future, and the future is bright, it’s blue and white!


Standard Members - 158   |   +Plus+ Members - 73   |   Premium Members - 6   |   Total - 237

Annual subscriptions currently running at £50,340   |   Front funding facility £38,000

Total banked so far - £105,756.99   |   Total owed to front funder £38,000

Huge thanks go to the front funder who we can reveal is not a Trust member and therefore has no influence on who our candidate for the Trust Board is, their only condition was that they retained their anonymity as they do not want any credit for, in their words “doing right by the fans”. We have agreed to pay back the facility at an interest free fixed monthly rate which is less than we currently bring in, which will allow us to pay back the money in a timely fashion as well as start to generate funds for the next project when that is decided - that’s one for the club board and our new director!

In accordance with the ‘Heads of Terms’ that we agreed with the club at the outset of the initiative we have now entered into talks with them in regards who the first candidate will be. We have put forward a couple of names that fit the criteria agreed on by the Trust Board to ensure that we get proper representation, and of course are acceptable to the Club Board as well. Following the initial appointment future nominees will be involved in an election process which will be published well in advance of the Trust AGM to give every fan an opportunity to put their name forward and get prepared for their new role.

Most important of all...we simply MUST keep this going now as this is just the start. Providing a revenue stream for the club that can be used for special projects will mean extra in the wage budget and transfer kitty and we all know a man who is going to need our support going’s your club and its your time...let’s get right behind the manager and the board and help build a better Killie for the future!


Standard Members - 136   |   +Plus+ Members - 67   |   Premium Members - 6   |   Total - 209

Annual subscriptions currently running at £43,764

Total banked so far - £50,006

Taking all that into account we project that if we do nothing else it will take 1.56 years to reach the initial £100,000 target to get a director on the Club board. That’s 0.38 months down since the fourth update. We stand to bring in £75,142 by 8th August 2018 which is just over 75% of what we need. We would require an additional 111 subscriptions (based on the average commitment) to reach that target within the next 12 months.

So, in six months we are half way there to the first target of £100k! This, despite the relatively low uptake from fans, which has to be honest disappointing when you look at how other club’s fans have responded. This initiative is not just about getting a director on the board, this is also about establishing a sustainable revenue stream for the club where the fans are financially inputting into our own club and not having to rely on a generous benefactor...we are the ‘white knight’!

If you are reading this then chances are you are already a subscriber and we are preaching to the converted, but we can’t emphasise enough how much difference your influence can have on your friends and family and how much easier this would all be if we didn’t have to rely on the same people taking responsibility for their own future, instead of leaving it up to others. The current board are taking the club in the right direction and it is our turn to show our support and help fund the Steve Clarke revolution. The blue and white army is back, time to repay the board’s faith and show them we mean business.


Standard Members - 117   |   +Plus+ Members - 58   |   Premium Members - 6   |   Total - 181

Annual subscriptions currently running at £39,240

Total banked so far - £37,116

Taking all that into account we project that if we do nothing else it will take 1.94 years to reach the initial £100,000 target to get a director on the Club board. That’s 0.21 months down since the third update. We stand to bring in £64,256 (up £6,421) by 8th August 2018 which is just over 64% of what we need. We would require an additional 185 subscriptions (based on the average commitment) to reach that target within one year, which is down 13 from last month.

These projections are based on us not picking up any new TIK subscribers, which shouldn’t be the case, although as expected it is slowing down. We have only signed up a fraction of the number we hoped for going on what other club’s fans have contributed to their club, which is really disappointing and something we aim to address in the coming months. That said, we are amazingly on target to reach the half way mark of the first £100k total within five months of launch...which is down to the hard work of the Trust Board and the generosity of the fans who have contributed so far...give yourself a huge pat on the back!


Standard Members - 114   |   +Plus+ Members - 57   |   Premium Members - 5   |   Total - 176

Annual subscriptions currently running at £37,140

Total banked so far - £29,091

Taking all that into account we project that if we do nothing else it will take 2.13 years to reach the initial £100,000 target to get a director on the Club board. That’s 0.38 months down since the second update. We stand to bring in £57,835 (up £10,803) by 8th August 2018 which is 58% of what we need. We would require an additional 198 subscriptions (based on the average commitment) to reach that target within one year, which is down 36 from last month.

Progress is slow but sure, we had a hiccup with people signing up to try and get League Cup tickets, and then cancelling, but overall we are still doing well and on the way to reach our first target. We engaged with fans via said ticket offer, we’ve had a Roadshow with the Club in Irvine and one in Mauchline, and we’ve had a few draws for rewards already, the most successful being for the Legends match at the Open Day. We’ve also had some good meeting with Premium Package members who have been helping us plan the way ahead...onwards and upwards.


Standard Members - 86   |   +Plus+ Members - 54   |   Premium Members - 4   |   Total - 144

Annual subscriptions currently running at £31,680

Total banked so far - £20,632.48

Taking all that into account we project that if we do nothing else it will take 2.51 years to reach the initial £100,000 target to get a director on the Club board. That’s over 10 months down since the first update! We stand to bring in £47,032 in the first year which is 47% of what we need. We would require an additional 234 subscriptions (based on the average commitment) to reach that target within one year.

Things, as expected, slowed down a little in month two of the initiative, but with the Pie Master event taking place and our efforts to get the word out there improving with an increased presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube...month three is looking promising already. A slow and steady build should do the trick for us as we add to the membership and get in contact with more Premium Members to boost the lump sum.

The one thing we will reiterate is that our greatest strength here are the people who understand what TIK is all about and have signed up already. You getting the word out there and explaining how it all works to your friends and colleagues is far more effective than anything we can put out on social media...although sharing and re-tweeting is obviously a great help as well. In terms of publicity Pie Master was a huge success, but it was only an example of what can be achieved and how fans can contribute in different ways. What can we do next? You tell us!


Standard Members - 73   |   +Plus+ Members - 51   |   Premium Members - 3   |   Total - 127

Annual subscriptions currently running at £26,940

Total banked so far - £12,799.31

Taking all that into account we project that if we do nothing else it will take 3.36 years to reach the initial £100,000 target to get a director on the Club board. We stand to bring in £36,271 in the first year which is 36.3% of what we need. We would require an additional 279 subscriptions (based on the average commitment) to reach that target within one year. The subscription income more than doubled between the launch in April and May.

Keeping in mind that we have not had any fund raising events at all yet, and we have many of the potential Premium Members still to engage with (meetings arranged) it is quite difficult to gauge how we’ve done so far. What we will say is that we definitely need more Killie fans to join up and the best way to achieve that is via word of mouth...tell everyone you know that you have signed up and get them on board with us!

The Trust in Killie initiative is without a doubt the most important project undertaken by the Club and the fans since the ‘new’ stadium debentures. Long term it could be crucial to our Club’s survival and save us from having to rely on the generosity of random benefactors. We want to do more than just survive, we want to prosper, so if you have any brilliant ideas or want to host an event or do some other form of fundraising for TIK - just let us know and we’ll try and help out wherever we can.

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