Friday 22 May - Killie Kwiz

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Our quiz masters on Friday are none other than Dad and daughter duo James and Claire Morrison who’ll be bringing you a fun filled evening of Killie trivia! 💙⭐️ You may recognise them from their car pool ‘Killie-Oake’ videos on the way back from away games 😂🙈

The quiz will start at 7pm on Friday (video will go ‘live’ then before the quiz commences at 7:10pm) so get your Killie loving family and friends involved to see who is the Killie champ! ⚽️

Make sure you encourage people to ‘like’ and follow the Trust Facebook page so you can get involved 👍 We wonder if James will be donning his jester hat on Friday!


How to join the quiz....

Joining the quiz on Friday 22 May

In the ‘Search’ bar at the top, type in ‘The Killie Trust’ and click on it when it appears. The Killie Trust badge will then appear and click on the ‘like’ box to the right of this so you can follow the page.  Click on the badge and you will be taken to the Killie Trust page.

The large Killie Trust badge will be in the top left hand corner of the page and the badge will say ‘live’ on Friday when the Killie Kwiz starts.

When the quiz is due to start and the badge says ‘live,’ click on it and the Live Facebook video of the quiz will appear for you to watch & participate.

If you wish to join in with revealing your scores after each round, you can click on ‘comment’ below the video as it is playing and you can type in your score e.g. 5 and click ‘enter.’ You can also type short messages into the comments too which is fun when playing along and this is something the quiz masters will encourage. You can also ‘like’ the quiz video by clicking on the blue thumbs-up logo at the bottom right of the video as it plays.



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Google search for 'Facebook'.

Fill in all your details on the ‘Create an Account’ page then click the green ‘Sign Up’ button below.

Depending on if you have entered your email address or phone number (you do one or the other), you will be sent a Facebook account recovery code to your email or phone. Enter this number into the Security Code box which will be appear on Facebook or alternatively, you can click ‘Change Password’ in the blue box below in the email/phone link.

You now have an official Facebook account and will be taken to the Facebook home page. Don’t worry about adding a profile picture or any details e.g. current town if you don’t want to.


Any questions, just let us know – enjoy the Killie Kwiz!


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