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In April 2017, The Trust launched its flagship ‘Trust in Killie’ initiative and has succeeded in achieving Board-level representation at Kilmarnock Football Club through the appointment of a Director, Cathy Jamieson, in June 2018.

The Killie Trust hosts 'On Board - In Person' - an opportunity for all Trust members and subscribers to the Trust In Killie initiative to meet with their representative on the Kilmarnock Football Club Board of Directors, Cathy Jamieson. They will get the inside track on what is happening - and be able to ask questions for themselves. The Trust hope to make this a quarterly event and each time Cathy will ask at least one other person from the Club to join her on the forum to broaden the scope of conversation.


What responsibilities / rights will the Killie Trust Club Director have?
The Killie Trust Club Director will have the same rights and responsibilities as other directors on the Club Board and will be bound by the Code of Conduct for Directors. Their responsibilities are to represent a body of people rather than themselves as an individual. Therefore, the Killie Trust Club Director will be required to act professionally with the current Board, the people they represent and have the club's interests at heart rather than their personal interests.


How will the Killie Trust Club Director communicate with fans?
Our Club Director will have regular meetings during the season with the members of The Trust and will attend all Trust Board meetings. Any board member of any company is bound to act with the required professionalism and respect matters which are sensitive / confidential. In a similar vein, the Killie Trust Club Director will have to respect the confidentiality of Trust matters. 


How will their performance be measured?
The Director’s performance will be assessed every year to ensure it is meeting the objectives that have been set by the membership. 


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