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1. When was the trust established? 

The Kilmarnock Supporters’ Society Ltd. was constituted in May 2003 however the working title will be the “Killie Trust”.  The Trust held a launch event in August 2003 and held its first general meeting on the 15th of January 2004.


2. How does the membership operate? 

Adult membership costs £10, part of which pays for one share in The Kilmarnock Supporters’ Society Ltd.  The share is yours but to maintain the voting rights you must continue to pay your annual membership of £10.  

Some members may be in a position to donate further money to the Trust but regardless of the contribution every member will have only one vote.  


3. How can I get involved?

Come along to the Trust membership desk in the Park Hotel at Rugby Park before and after home games and sign up.


4. Can I join the Killie Trust Board?

Nominations for board members are taken before the Trust AGM every year.  The Trust constitution requires that the board also has at least two co-opted members to help in certain areas.


5. What are co-optees?

The Trust are required by its rules to co-opt at least two members on to the Trust board.  These co-optees are chosen because of their skills in a particular area.


6. How can the Trust have a say in Kilmarnock FC?

Many Supporters’ Trusts at other clubs have representation on their club board and this is one of our aims.  Several clubs in England are now actually owned by their Trusts.  A strong Killie Trust can have a huge influence on our club.


7. How will the Trust keep members up to date with what’s happening?

The Trust have facebook and twitter accounts as well as this website for you to be kept up to date. As well as that, there is a quarterly newsletter and also a Killie Trust Forum open at our website.


8. How many people have joined the Killie Trust?

This number changes regularly which would make noting it here meaningless, needless to say our ultimate aim is to get everyone who cares about Kilmarnock Football Club to join the Killie Trust.

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