2018-19 Diary Week 16


Ross Millen does a Rory McKenzie…spends the game constantly drifting inside and looking like a weak link…then fires up the park and scores a belter.

Both showing me up for how little I clearly know about the game!

At one stage the Hearts winger had so much room I thought he could have applied for planning permission, but there were indications later on that the lad was only doing what Steve Clarke had instructed, and the boss is not often wrong.

The game was scrappy at times and with no Eamon Brophy or Greg Stewart creativity was always going to be a problem, but we held our own and the resilience paid off.

Credit to each and every player for points well won.

No less credit goes to the travelling support.

Absolutely magnificent.

Turned up in numbers yet again and heard above the home crowd the whole match; this is how it feels to be Killie right enough, and as the bold Samo sung on Saturday “Clarke doesn’t need Mourinho, he’s got Alex Dyer and the Killie Choir!”

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