2018-19 Diary Week 32


There has been constant chat about the game which was abandoned last week, by most of whom if brains were dynamite they would not have enough to blow their nose.

Embarrassing rants about how the re-arranged match should have been free and how it was a disgrace to charge a fiver entry…I’m sorry but in my opinion it was the best deal for an SPFL match ever!

The fog was not down to the club, and they had to fork out for an unscheduled fixture on the Saturday…when we’d asked Motherwell to play it in the first place and they refused.

If you swap it around we actually paid £5 for half a match and then £22 for the whole thing…I’ve never heard of cheaper.

The game itself was a bit of a let-down but we were much improved second time around and were unlucky not to shade it.

Five games without a goal, Sevco and the Dons have certainly upset our balance with their transfer window shenanigans, as planned; our wee trip to Tenerife will hopefully give us a much needed boost.

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