Safe Standing?


Do you yearn for the return to the ‘good old days’ of standing areas at football stadiums?

A series of fatal incidents led to legislation requiring major clubs to develop all-seater stadiums during the 1990's but new design options allow designated standing areas to be built in compliance with all safety laws and guidelines.

Supporters' polls repeatedly show a clear majority favouring the choice to stand and this is never likely to go away.

Scotland fans illustrate this regularly by standing in front of their seats at our national stadium.

Over the years too, the average age of football fans has inexorably increased with fans in their teens and early twenties under-represented at grounds throughout Scotland.

Rail Seating at Hoffenheim FC

Standing areas generate a noisier atmosphere, one of the reasons we fall in love with the game, and this would surely attract this age group to return to our game.

They are the lifeblood of our support going forward to keep our Club sustainable.

Our Supporters Trust are in the process of organising a presentation to have an informed discussion on the subject, involving all the relevant authorities, with a view to this being a potential funding project for the next phase of our ‘Trust in Killie’ initiative.

The Trust would urge all Kilmarnock supporters to be part of this conversation by joining the Trust and subscribing to our ‘Trust in Killie’ initiative.

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Learn more about rail seating at FERCO SEATING

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